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Atlas Equipment (ATEXH-PRO9000) Atlas® Garage Pro 9000 Portable Heavy Duty 9000 Lb Capacity 4 Post Lift (EXTRA TALL, EXTRA WIDE)

Atlas Equipment (ATEXH-PRO9000) Atlas® Garage Pro 9000 Portable Heavy Duty 9000 Lb Capacity 4 Post Lift (EXTRA TALL, EXTRA WIDE)

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9,000 Lb.

Lifting Height To Top Of Runway

85" (7' 1")

Clearance Under Runways

80 1/4" (6' 8 1/4")

Height Of Columns

95 3/4" (7' 11 3/4")

Overall Width (Without Motor)

123 1/2" (10' 3 1/2")

Overall Width (With Motor)

131 1/2" (10' 11 1/2")

Overall Length With Approach Ramp

227 1/2" (18’ 11 1/2”)

Approach Ramp

31" (2' 7")

Runway Width

21 1/4" (w/ Rails) or 20" (Driving Surface)

Runway Length

199 1/2" (16' 7 1/2")

Runway Thickness

4 3/4"

Width Between Runways

39 3/4" (3' 3 3/4")

Width Between Runway Rails

35 1/2" (2’ 11 1/2")

Outside Runway To Outside Runway

79" (6' 7")

Clearance Between Columns

110 1/2" (9' 2 1/2")

Length Between Columns

184 1/2" (15' 4 1/2")

Maximum Wheel Base

187" (15' 7")

Drive Thru (Outside Of Tire To Outside Of Tire)

97 1/4" (8' 1 1/4")

Motor/Electrical Requirement


Shipping Weight

2,300 lb.



  • 9,000 lb. Capacity
  • Free Standing/Portable Design
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extra Tall/Extra Wide/Extra Long
  • Single-Point Lock Release
  • Lock Ladder Design
  • Double Lock Safety System
  • Caster Kit With Polyurethane Wheels Included
  • Steel Approach Ramps Included
  • Steel Jack Tray Included
  • 4 Plastic Drip Trays Included
  • 2 Rubber Wheel Chocks Included
  • Perfect For Storing Or Working On Vehicles
  • 110volt Electric Operation (30 AMP BREAKER REQUIRED)
  • Shipping Weight 2,300 lbs.
  • 2 yr Structural – 1 yr Hydraulic Warranty – Parts Only



The Atlas® Garage PRO9000 4 post lift is a heavy duty hobbyist lift and features the highest lifting capacity of all our Garage PRO series lifts. The Garage PRO9000 is extra long and has the longest runways (we believe) of any portable 9,000 LB. four post on the market. That feature allows the lift to handle some of the longest wheel base vehicles out there. The Garage PRO9000 is extra wide allowing even Diesel Duallys to be driven onto the runways. This lift also features extra height so everything from Smart Cars® to a Dually can be parked both below and on the runways.

The Atlas® Garage PRO9000 weighs about 600 LB. more than our Atlas® Garage PRO8000 making it one of the heaviest portable hobbyist lifts on the market. The Garage PRO9000 four post above ground lift incorporates many features that are not found in any of our competitors’ four post lifts that are sold in the USA. The Atlas® Garage PRO9000 includes free plastic drip trays, a free steel jack tray, and a free caster kit with polyurethane wheels. The caster kit can be installed or removed in just a matter of minutes making the lift portable and allowing it to move between bays or even outside. Finally, the Atlas® Garage PRO9000 is the only Garage PRO series lift with “tracks” between the runways to allow the use of a rolling bridge jack.

The commercial grade features of the Garage Pro 9000 make this lift the perfect choice for automotive service center or “Mr. Homeowner” that needs a PORTABLE professional four post lift at a competitive price.

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